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Kommentar von Jeff Sanders über Alex Zell und seine Arbeit

I would like to take a minute to recommend Alex Zell as a horseman in Germany who has dedicated himself to studying the horsemanship traditions of old California. I have worked with Alex and his wife Nina for several years now and they are both accomplished riders who keep the health and welfare of the horses foremost in their train program. I have not only had Alex as a student but have gotten to watch him teach and have been very pleased with how he explains things to students. He is also continually studying and learning and then passing that information on to others. Alex is one of the very few teachers in Europe who really understand not only the training philosophy of California horsemanship but also the culture that was so critical to the development of the California bridle horse.

Jeff Sanders

Alex war so freundlich und hat mir die Zeilen von Jeff zur Verfügung gestellt.

Mehr Informationen zum Kurs und die Arbeit von Alex findet ihr unter Termine

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